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Did you mamma raise you in a barn?

That’s a question that I was confronted with numerous times while in the Army.  I was always irritated and refused to use it myself when I because a non-commissioned officer because I found it a bit ridiculous (apparently barn-raised children … Continue reading 

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Getting my dual display setup to work on Ubuntu 9.0.4

My Macbook Pro recently died and I decided to stage a new development desktop using Ubuntu 9.0.4.  I’ve had colleages complain in the past about poor support for ATI graphics cards and was a bit concerned aboout getting the hardware … Continue reading 

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Yet Another Java Decompiler

I’ve used JAD for years, but it has been abandoned and doesn’t support the newer versions of Java well.  If you still want to use JAD, soemone was kind enough to set up a new mirror for the last version: … Continue reading 

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Awesome Code Analysis Plugin for Java

I was browsing the plugins available for Intellij and came across this gem: Hats off to University of Maryland for this nifty little tool (does not require Intellij).  Findbugs does static analysis of your projects and identifies patterns for … Continue reading 

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"I don’t have time to test!"

Please pardon me while I rant a bit… How many times have we heard this response when we press our co-workers to test the code they are writing.  This argument is often made when the team is up again tight … Continue reading 

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QUnit: Almost just what I was looking for…

I started using QUnit a few months back and have really enjoyed it.  That said, I was irked by a few minor features of QUnit and finally got irritated enough to make some changes. First off, what’s with adding “module: … Continue reading 

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Selenium and Fitnesse (WebTest) with Firefox 3

Just wanted to pass something on… I’ve been using WebTest on Fitnesse for a while but had issue when trying to use it on my Mac.  I found that the problem was with the Selenium server jar.  You have to … Continue reading 

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Just wanted to share something that made my day.

Sniff…sniff…I think I’m in love…  

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Seeking Closures

So, what’s a closure and why should I care? As Bob Dylan said, “…the times they are a changin’.”   The strange world of functional programming, once restricted to more esoteric languages such as LISP, Erlang and Haskell, is now invading … Continue reading 

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Learning to Speak with a LISP

So it’s now my second week of playing with LISP and I have to tell you it’s been a heck of a ride so far.  I’ve played with LISP in the past, but never with such intensity.  I figured I’d … Continue reading 

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