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Quick Background on my current CICS integration project

I’m currently working on a stop-gap legacy integration project that is geared toward data integration between a legacy CICS system and a new 3rd party product.  I have 2 major tasks in this project, the first being a web application … Continue reading 

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VB.Net oddity of the day – Assignment/Comparison operator

On my current project I’m forced to code in VB.Net.  Normally I’m pretty open to other languages, but VB.Net is irritating (more so than VB6 in my opinion).  The language syntax is riddled with ambiguity (at least for a c-type guy … Continue reading 

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CLOBbered again!

Hey all, I’m currently working on an NHibernate on Oracle project and ran into the first problem with CLOBs that I’ve had in some time.  I was trying to use a property that mapped to a CLOB in a Example … Continue reading 

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How to enlist ADO commands into an NHibernate transaction

Adoption of NHibernate in a legacy environment can be daunting for a number of reasons.  Aside from the overhead of becoming proficient with the framework itself, developers are also faced with thousands of lines of working (it’s assumed) code that … Continue reading 

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Reflectionesque behavior in JavaScript

  Here’s a little something in my continued investigation of JavaScript and its many wonders (man, that sounds strange!)… Okay, so for today’s topic I’ll look at some ‘reflectionesque’ behavior of JavaScript.  As many know, the class Object can be … Continue reading 

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How’d he get that image up there?

First off, I’m not much of a blogger so I’m not quite up to speed on the tips and trick of blogging.  I saw recently pretty pictures in one of Nellie’s blogs and was instanly green with envy.  I wanted … Continue reading 

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Term of the Day: Principle Of Least Surprise – Epilogue

Okay, this is funny.  Little did I know that while writing “Term of the Day: Principle Of Least Surprise” I was entering the midst of just such a problem. The entry was written over a 2-3 hour span during compile … Continue reading 

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Term of the Day: Principle Of Least Surprise

The principle of least surprise (AKA POLS) simply dictates that the interface to any given entity (method, for instance) should exhibit the bevahior that is least suprising to the user/programmer when there are conflicts or ambiguities between members of said … Continue reading 

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Another great JavaScript article

Sorry all, I’ll probably be over this JavaScript tear soon enough, but now that I’ve given the language another glance it has really caught my eye this time.  I can only explain my recent engagement with the language as a … Continue reading 

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C# -> JavaScript

Joe had asked me recently if I thought I might want to make a tool that compiles C# into JavaScript.  I might want to futs with something like that, but fortunately I don’t have to any time soon.  There’s already … Continue reading 

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