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Awesome response to an interview question…

Just a quicky here.  I’ve been reading “Practical Common Lisp” by Peter Seibel (great book by the way) and came across a really funny footnote.  I think I’ll use the interviewing engineer’s response if given the chance in the future. … Continue reading 

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Note on sets in hibernate/nHibernate

I just wanted to share this with anyone who is not aware… Caveat:  After reviewing my original post and the comments that follow I had initially elected to change the container tag in the example below from set to list.  … Continue reading 

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Virtual Joy

At home I have only my Linux box to work with.  I’m quite content with it, but I do have some DOS and older Windows apps that I like to use.  Unfortunately, by DOS floppy’s are now dead (as is … Continue reading 

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Nested classes with JUnit

Recently I was playing with JUnit 4.X.  I wanted to be able to define tests in nested classes as I had before with NUnit.  This was to facilitate BDD-ish test definitions, where I break up unit tests by test context. … Continue reading 

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Using SSL Websphere MQSeries and .Net

Hi all, I’ve haven’t posted anything since my last contract…sorry about that (what can I say, I’ve been busy…Ma, AgileJoe’s been abusing me!).  In any case, this is as much for my benefit (and documentation for the current team) as it … Continue reading 

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Metaphors and Mathematics

I haven’t posted myself in a bit and decided to go ahead and drop a few lines…albeit a little off topic. I’ve been looking for supplemental maths books for both my children.  As you Computer Science types know, texts for … Continue reading 

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Calling .Net Web Services from Oracle PL/SQL

I’m working relatively closely these days with an Oracle DBA on this super-cool mainframe integration project (anyone want to join me?  LOL).  The old batch ops were managed through cron’d jobs in Oracle and I was asked to take a … Continue reading 

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Subversion Tip of the Day – Moving Files

Many of you are beginning to use Subversion for your source control repository these days.  I am also sure that you have found SVNTortoise to be a welcome addition to Subversion and use it also.  Moving files and directories at … Continue reading 

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VB.Net oddity of the day – Array Declarations

I ran into a recent issue today relating to array declarations in VB.Net.  I looked up array declarations on the net and found something that gave me hope, but alas… “Arrays In VB6 declaring an array Dim Items(5) As String gives you … Continue reading 

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Things I hate…

BTW, sorry I’ve been out of the loop for a while.  Whatever. Things I hate…Windows Vista.  Just kidding (well, not really).  Anyway, I hate Web Services that do little more than allow inefficient remote access to a databases.  As you … Continue reading 

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