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Agile Development

Currently I’m working on a team of 8 developers and have been practicing Agile for just under 2 years now.  I read about it and tried a couple time before this 2 year span, but didn’t realize how wrong I … Continue reading 


Quick Background on my current CICS integration project

I’m currently working on a stop-gap legacy integration project that is geared toward data integration between a legacy CICS system and a new 3rd party product.  I have 2 major tasks in this project, the first being a web application … Continue reading 

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VB.Net oddity of the day – Assignment/Comparison operator

On my current project I’m forced to code in VB.Net.  Normally I’m pretty open to other languages, but VB.Net is irritating (more so than VB6 in my opinion).  The language syntax is riddled with ambiguity (at least for a c-type guy … Continue reading 

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CLOBbered again!

Hey all, I’m currently working on an NHibernate on Oracle project and ran into the first problem with CLOBs that I’ve had in some time.  I was trying to use a property that mapped to a CLOB in a Example … Continue reading 

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Monorail on WebHost4Life

If anyone else is using hosting with WebHost4Life, I’ve gotten a Monorail site up there pretty quick using the MonoRailHttpHandlerFactory in my web.config, as suggested by the Castle Monorail installation documentation.  Please note that the documentation has .ashx, it should … Continue reading 


Current things on my plate

I’m doing a good deal of stuff lately: 1. Helping build/standardize the local .NET Users group in San Antonio (Alamo Coders)2. Study/Learn/Grok Domain Driven Design (DDD) and Behavior Driven Design (BDD)3. Put out a production Monorail site for a local … Continue reading 

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Bill McCafferty is moving to Monorail

Bill McCafferty, the author of NHibernate Best Practices on CodeProject, after researching many Separation of Concern Alternatives has decided to have his development team move to Monorail. (read the post) I’m curious to see how it goes.  I’d love for … Continue reading 

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Technical Debt

“You have a piece of functionality that you need to add to your system. You see two ways to do it, one is quick to do but is messy – you are sure that it will make further changes harder … Continue reading 

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For anyone beginning NHibernate

I finally have a side project I’m going to use NHibernate on and blog about my experiences. A required watch (from my point of view): DNRTV Video – Oren Eini on NHibernate.Ayende Rahien = Oren Eini, if you did not … Continue reading 

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Database unit testing

Question:  How do you handle database unit testing? My current position:  We utilize a template pattern via a base Test Fixture and start the transaction and roll it back at TearDown.  We have an entire test project of this type of … Continue reading 

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