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QUnit: Almost just what I was looking for…

I started using QUnit a few months back and have really enjoyed it.  That said, I was irked by a few minor features of QUnit and finally got irritated enough to make some changes. First off, what’s with adding “module: … Continue reading 

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Reflectionesque behavior in JavaScript

  Here’s a little something in my continued investigation of JavaScript and its many wonders (man, that sounds strange!)… Okay, so for today’s topic I’ll look at some ‘reflectionesque’ behavior of JavaScript.  As many know, the class Object can be … Continue reading 

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Another great JavaScript article

Sorry all, I’ll probably be over this JavaScript tear soon enough, but now that I’ve given the language another glance it has really caught my eye this time.  I can only explain my recent engagement with the language as a … Continue reading 

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C# -> JavaScript

Joe had asked me recently if I thought I might want to make a tool that compiles C# into JavaScript.  I might want to futs with something like that, but fortunately I don’t have to any time soon.  There’s already … Continue reading 

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Ugh……’Fun with JavaScript – Part 0′

I was working on using javascript as a system scripting tool using wscript.  Here’s a quick summary of highlights: Worked on implementing an include mechanism to include other .js files from inside the js script (no real support for it).  … Continue reading 

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