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Signup for MvcConf – Virtual ASP.Net MVC Conference

  When: Thursday in July 22nd 8am – 5pm CDT Cost: Free Where: Virtual (Live Meeting) Register:   MvcConf is a online conference where you can learn about real experiences creating MVC applications as well about what the future … Continue reading 

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Deploying your Server Roles: Using MSDeploy for Enterprise Deployments.

  This is an update that builds upon the previous posts about how We do Deployments. Part 1: Using MSDeploy to automate your Enterprise Application remote deployments. Part 2 Update on using MSDeploy for remote deployments.   The development environment … Continue reading 

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Script to Enable HTTP Compression (Gzip/Deflate) in IIS 6

One of the easiest ways to improve web site performance is to enable HTTP compression (often referred to as GZIP compression), which trades CPU time to compress content for a reduced payload delivered over the wire. In the vast majority … Continue reading 

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Performance differences in the ASP.Net MVC View Engine when using two View Engines versus a single Composite View Engine.

  While I was testing out my VirtualPathProvider implementation in the Opinionated Input Builders series I ran across an interesting performance difference which was quite surprising.  In fact even after looking at the source code to the MVC ViewEngineCollection it … Continue reading 


Running a x64 build server. Challenges overcome.

We just setup a new build server on my current project and with it came some of those little hiccups which made the setup take longer than planned. Cruise Control Team Foundation Client  issues 1. Although our continuous integration server … Continue reading 

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