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Announcing posh-tf

As you may or may not know, I’ve been a fan of Git for a while now. I’ve hacked on an implementation of it, I’ve presented on it, I’ve even built a PowerShell environment for it that’s used by at … Continue reading 

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Download All the Build Videos, while you sleep

I don’t remember where I found this a while back, but this is the script I am using to download all the Build 2012 videos to my office. ( so I can share them with all my co-workers) This script … Continue reading 


posh-git v0.4

I figure a year between releases is plenty, so I’ve tagged a v0.4 release of posh-git. Really the notion of versions for a bunch of scripts on which noone depends seems a bit silly…if a feature seems to be missing, … Continue reading 

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posh-git Release v0.3

On a whim, I’ve decided to tag a v0.3 release of posh-git (which has been stable for a few months now). In this release… Installer Previously the setup process for posh-git was undefined. Daniel Hoelbling was kind enough to put … Continue reading 

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Code Review with Git Patches and Outlook via PowerShell

In the spirit of “simplest thing that works,” my team has a rather low-fidelity approach to code reviews: patch files and e-mail. Nothing fancy, but we find it works rather well. It’s even easier thanks to git format-patch, which lets … Continue reading 

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Git-Achievements in PowerShell

Reading through Jason’s post on using Git-Achievements with msysGit, I couldn’t help but get it working with PowerShell. The result is a single PowerShell script added to my Git-Achievements repository, tagged here on the off chance I decided to upload … Continue reading 

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posh-git Release v0.2

I just tagged the v0.2 release of posh-git, which you can download here. This is the last release supporing msysgit 1.6.5 and 1.7.0. In this release… PowerShell Module Thanks to a contribution from David Muhundro, posh-git now exposes its functions … Continue reading 

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Lazy PowerShell Coalesce-Args

A while back I posted a coalesce function for PowerShell that would try to return the first non-null argument passed to it. One drawback of this function is that each argument expression will be evaluated before being passed into the … Continue reading 

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posh-git Release v0.1

I’ve made a bit of progress on posh-git since my last post and figured now is as good a time as any to tag a v0.1 release, which you can download here. In this release… Git Branch in PowerShell Prompt … Continue reading 

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posh-git: A PowerShell Environment for Git

I’ve been meaning to put together a post about this for a few days, but Mark Embling beat me to it. I’m a big fan of PowerShell and Git, but had never bothered using them together until Jeremy Skinner’s post … Continue reading 

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