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Parsing The Payload

So this week we got to start working a brand spanking new MVC project. So far we’re leveraging Castle Windsor, NHibernate, Fluent Nhibernate, and kind of running Linq to NHibernate. It’s amazing how quickly you can get a project up … Continue reading 

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Disciplined Agility

I finished reading… Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices in C# (Robert C. Martin Series) by Robert C. Martin, Micah Martin Read more about this book…   What an excellent book, seriously! It was written by Robert C. Martin and his … Continue reading 

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Disconnected – Channels Of Communication

A few weeks ago I started feeling a little over whelmed by the volume of interest in what I was up to. After reading a chapter from Tim Ferris’ book, I decided to disconnect. It was the most effective advice … Continue reading 

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Mike left a comment on my last post on Windows Forms Databinding asking: What do the tests look like? On the ComboBox binding, why aren’t you using adding the binding through DataBinding.Add?  With the way you have it now if … Continue reading 

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Windows Forms Data Binding

A couple of weeks ago, Adam and I were pairing on a new screen in a windows forms application. He started showing me some stuff that he had learned about windows forms data bindings. I showed him a little bit … Continue reading 

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Recursive Command

Note: this entry has moved. When building up a tree view that represents the directory structure of a file system, like the windows explorer, my first reaction was to use recursion to traverse the file system and build up a … Continue reading 

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Trust & Transparency

Our team is comprised of 3 dedicated developers, 1 project manager, 1 super dedicated product owner and a trusty task board. Although, we’re a small team we’ve been uber successful, and so far have been able to out perform the … Continue reading 

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Tag mO’s IT!

So JP had to tag me… then the Los Techies crew had to invite me to join Los Techies. This sucks for someone who "claims" to be quite a private person. Thanks JP for putting me in the spotlight, and … Continue reading 

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