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Interface-Oriented Design – Book Review

Ken Pugh’s Interface-Oriented Design (Pragmatic Programmers) presents an approach to designing applications that focuses first on the interfaces, the places where pieces of the application interact. The interfaces here are not primarily user interfaces, but module-to-module interfaces and service interfaces, … Continue reading 

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Review of "Agile Coaching" by PragProg press

Cross-posted from my github pages blog.  Rachel Davies, one of the author’s was kind enough to comment there. My manager let me borrow his copy of Pragmatic Programmer’s Agile Coaching. I’ve read a good number of Agile process and management … Continue reading 

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Chris’ Year in Review 2009

Last year on this day, I wrote a review of 2008 and some goals for 2009. I had not yet started blogging for Los Techies yet, but that started at the beginning of the year. Looking back on those goals, … Continue reading 

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Pragmatic Thinking and Learning – A Review

So, back in August (or was it September?) the members of Los Techies were offered a sweet deal from The Pragmatic Programmers – pick any book (free), read it, and write a review.  There were no strings attached so we … Continue reading 

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RESTful Web Services Cookbook – Review of Rough Cut

I’ve just finished reading the rough cut of RESTful Web Services Cookbook by Subbu Allamaraju and Mike Amundsen and thought I’d write a very quick review. Ultimately the book fills a gap in the market by providing practical advice on … Continue reading 


Book Review – SOA Patterns (First 5 Chapters)

I’ll cut straight to the chase, I definitely recommend SOA Patterns to anyone interested in SOA. Even though its currently only available in MEAP, and is a bit rough and ready, and isn’t complete, it’s still great stuff and well … Continue reading 

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Book Review – RESTful .NET

Since we are using REST on top of WCF on my current project I was glad to see that this book had been written as I was hoping it would answer some questions I had. However my first issue with … Continue reading 

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Deploying .NET Applications – Learning MSBuild and ClickOnce

I recently finished reading… Deploying .NET Applications: Learning MSBuild and ClickOnce (Expert’s Voice in .Net) I was interested in this book mainly to find an easier way to deploy ClickOnce applications via an automated build. Most of my build automation … Continue reading 

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Data-Driven Services with Silverlight 2

I recently finished reading… Data-Driven Services with Silverlight 2 I have been wanting to get in to the world of WCF for some time now, but wasn’t really sure how to get started. This book was good at explaining how … Continue reading 

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Introducing NLP

I recently finished reading… Introducing NLP: Psychological Skills for Understanding and Influencing People   I first heard about Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) while I was reading The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. I thought that it sounded like … Continue reading 

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