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BDD on Steroids

In the last couple of weeks I had a chance to sprinkle some of JP’s syntactic sugar, all over my projects. It’s amazing how much more concise my units test have become. I’ve had a couple of issues where I … Continue reading 

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Seamless test authoring with ReSharper and AutoHotKey

Although I’m no big believer of code generation, the micro-code generation of ReSharper can be a huge timesaver.  For every common snippet of code or common file I would create, I could create a simple template that might create a … Continue reading 


How to Configure Selenium RC for Use In C# NUnit Tests

When I set about integrating Selenium into my test suites, I found all the information I needed to do that with but had to hunt and peck through my google searches to find it.  So, as a point of reference, … Continue reading 

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Model Driven template/scaffolding addin for Visual Studio

  After playing around with the T4 templates in the Asp.Net MVC release, I wanted to test out what a more complete solution would look like.  Here are some screen shots and mock ups to demonstrate what the tooling experience … Continue reading 

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Trying to extend the Asp.Net MVC (T4) item templates to create multiple files.

  One of the features I was really excited about for the MVC RC was the template/Model based scaffolding support in the Add View and Add Controller menu options inside of visual studio.  I think that they have made a … Continue reading 

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My Current .Net Application and Tools Stack

For what it is worth I thought I would share what my current application stack for Enterprise Web Application / Line of Business Applications.  When these tools are used together they allow me to develop in a frictionless way.  I … Continue reading 

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Gmail Labs

Maybe I’m a little late noticing this, but the Labs option once you’re in your gmail settings: I was using the Better Gmail plugin from LifeHacker for a while before Google upgraded gmail.  I enjoyed the fact that my signature … Continue reading 


Visual SVN Server

Due to the new policies by (not allowing free private source repositories), I’ve had to finally grab another server and stand-up Visual SVN Server.  It’s free, VERY easy to manage and worked like a charm once installed.  Kudos to … Continue reading 


Who do you wanna Jott? Twitter

So I recently started twittering… or tweeting. I’m not sure what the correct lingo is, so hook me up if you know. It all started a while back when James announced that he was the newest Twit. He mentioned a … Continue reading 

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Lazy Loaded Interceptors

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture defines Lazy Load as: An object that doesn’t contain all of the data you need but knows how to get it.   A while back I was trying to figure out how to lazy load … Continue reading 

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