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Castle’s ActiveRecord: Not for the Domain Purist in you…

 I finally “broke down” and began using ActiveRecord just to try it out. Here’s the tutorial that I used. Now, don’t get me wrong - ActiveRecord is built on top of NHibernate and it’s one of the fastest ways to start … Continue reading 

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Stories in TargetProcess

TargetProcess is fantastic tool for managing projects using Agile techniques. Gone are the days of 6 month Gantt charts, not truly knowing where you’re at on a daily basis and less effective communication of status. Stories and task breakdowns are … Continue reading 

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Simple NHibernate Example, Part 5: Repository Testing

Bill McCafferty has released his updates to his NHibernate Best Practices article. The article is fantastic. It is listed as an advanced topic, but if you follow every link and study the topics in his article, the article makes for … Continue reading 

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