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ReSharper Keymappings

As part of the install of ReSharper 3.0 install into Visual Studio 2008, I "accidentally" selected the Visual Studio keymappings to try it out. Yikes… what a mistake. I couldn’t stand it. It turned out to be some form of … Continue reading 

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Interesting Silverlight demo site

Interesting demo of Silverlight and AJAX for eCommerce. Video on the demo site and a product image on the demo site.  The site isn’t anything particularly revolutionary, but a good example of Silverlight in action. 

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Please contribute to Team Hanselman’s Diabetes Walk 2007

After watching Scott Hanselman participate in several of the open spaces at Alt.Net this weekend, I have a different level of appreciation for Scott’s blog. He is not only prolific in his blogging and very knowledgeable, but “in the real world” he … Continue reading 

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