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NHibernate Query Example using CreateCriteria

I’m a big fan of NHibernate. I love how it abstracts out the data portion of your application and allows you to work from the perspective of the domain rather than the database. So in building my domain repositories, I … Continue reading 

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ReSharper Keymappings

As part of the install of ReSharper 3.0 install into Visual Studio 2008, I "accidentally" selected the Visual Studio keymappings to try it out. Yikes… what a mistake. I couldn’t stand it. It turned out to be some form of … Continue reading 

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Interesting Silverlight demo site

Interesting demo of Silverlight and AJAX for eCommerce. Video on the demo site and a product image on the demo site.  The site isn’t anything particularly revolutionary, but a good example of Silverlight in action. 

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Please contribute to Team Hanselman’s Diabetes Walk 2007

After watching Scott Hanselman participate in several of the open spaces at Alt.Net this weekend, I have a different level of appreciation for Scott’s blog. He is not only prolific in his blogging and very knowledgeable, but “in the real world” he … Continue reading 

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The "Domain Model"

There has been some recent discussion on User Stories, the Ubiquitous Language of a domain, and Domain Models. I have been fairly confused because I am not clear on what folks have meant by the “Domain Model.” Some folks seem … Continue reading 

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Castle’s ActiveRecord: Not for the Domain Purist in you…

 I finally “broke down” and began using ActiveRecord just to try it out. Here’s the tutorial that I used. Now, don’t get me wrong - ActiveRecord is built on top of NHibernate and it’s one of the fastest ways to start … Continue reading 

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Stories in TargetProcess

TargetProcess is fantastic tool for managing projects using Agile techniques. Gone are the days of 6 month Gantt charts, not truly knowing where you’re at on a daily basis and less effective communication of status. Stories and task breakdowns are … Continue reading 

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Simple NHibernate Example, Part 5: Repository Testing

Bill McCafferty has released his updates to his NHibernate Best Practices article. The article is fantastic. It is listed as an advanced topic, but if you follow every link and study the topics in his article, the article makes for … Continue reading 

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Bill McCafferty’s NHibernate Best Practices

Bill McCafferty is coming out with an update to his article NHibernate Best Practices. In it, he corrects the problem with HttpContext vs CallContext.

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Simple NHibernate Example, Part 4 : Session Management

Before continuing with the implementation, let’s talk briefly about NHibernate session management. This will be a short discussion, as you can get more details from chapter 8 of the book, Hibernate In Action. Also, please review the article, NHibernate Best … Continue reading 

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