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Castle API available now

Hammet has announced that the Castle API is now available online. This is awesome timing on his part with my new posts coming.  I can directly link to the API for readers. Thanks Hammet.

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Monorail #1 : Reasons, Setup and First Output

UPDATE: I am using the Castle MonoRail project trunk code, NOT RC2 REASONS: I’ve had a few friends ask me what is MonoRail and how do I set it up?  I decided to go from the ground up here.  There … Continue reading 


Monorail on WebHost4Life

If anyone else is using hosting with WebHost4Life, I’ve gotten a Monorail site up there pretty quick using the MonoRailHttpHandlerFactory in my web.config, as suggested by the Castle Monorail installation documentation.  Please note that the documentation has .ashx, it should … Continue reading 


Current things on my plate

I’m doing a good deal of stuff lately: 1. Helping build/standardize the local .NET Users group in San Antonio (Alamo Coders)2. Study/Learn/Grok Domain Driven Design (DDD) and Behavior Driven Design (BDD)3. Put out a production Monorail site for a local … Continue reading 

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Castle and Visual Studio integration

Hammet (Hamilton Verissimo), founder of the Castle Project (MonoRail, Windsor, ActiveRecord, etc.) just posted about a Castle Contrib project to help with highlighting of NVelocity language syntax in Visual Studio 2005. The post. The download from Castle Contrib. Hope this … Continue reading 

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Castle MonoRail – Response To Comments/Ramblings

Billy has decided to move forward with using MonoRail on one of his current projects.  As I was writing the comment on his post to respond to some other folks’ comments, I decided it was getting too long and perhaps I … Continue reading 

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Bill McCafferty is moving to Monorail

Bill McCafferty, the author of NHibernate Best Practices on CodeProject, after researching many Separation of Concern Alternatives has decided to have his development team move to Monorail. (read the post) I’m curious to see how it goes.  I’d love for … Continue reading 

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Setting Default Focus Using MonoRail/Prototype Ajax Libraryw

It’s the little things that make web applications a bit more user friendly.  One of these very basic things is simply making sure that some element, ideally the most important one (i.e. search box, first data entry element, etc.), is … Continue reading 

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Creating Composite View Components In MonoRail / Refactoring Exercise

In a previous post, I showed some examples of how to create custom view components in MonoRail and touched on the ability to create composite view components.  Since then I’ve refactored towards the use of interfaces which I think is a cleaner approach, … Continue reading 

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Castle’s ActiveRecord: Not for the Domain Purist in you…

 I finally “broke down” and began using ActiveRecord just to try it out. Here’s the tutorial that I used. Now, don’t get me wrong - ActiveRecord is built on top of NHibernate and it’s one of the fastest ways to start … Continue reading 

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