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Thanks ALT.NET Seattle

The ALT.NET conference wrapped up yesterday afternoon. I wanted to say thanks to all the volunteers, organizers, and sponsors. Thanks to all the other participants who made up the conference. I got to meet a lot of folks who I … Continue reading 

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Influence Change

It’s easy to get bogged down in our jobs and forget that we have the power to make changes. You may not have the authority to make changes yourself, but you always have the power to influence other people. Part … Continue reading 

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Creating a Timestamp Interceptor in NHibernate

In a previous post, I gave an example of a Timestamp class and how one might create an ICompositeUserType to map it within NHibernate. Here I want to show of an example of an IInterceptor which will automatically populate the … Continue reading 

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A Simple Closure To Handle Try/Catch Around Transactions

(Updated: I moved the begin transaction outside of the try as Chad suggested in the comments.) If you’re like me, you’re lazy and hate putting try/catch around your transaction handling in your code. It has to be there, but it’s … Continue reading 

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Mapping Timestamp Data Using NHibernate’s ICompositeUserType

In my previous post, I took some string data and mapped it directly to a boolean property on an entity. That was pretty simple, but I wanted to try it out on a little more complex object.. In our projects, … Continue reading 

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Mapping Strings to Booleans Using NHibernate’s IUserType

Update: I failed to realized that the functionality of converting “Y” or “N” to a boolean is already built into NHibernate by doing type=”YesNo” (see comments). I’ll leave this post up just for the academics of creating a IUserType. Go … Continue reading 

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PTOM: The Interface Segregation Principle

In following suite with the The Los Techies Pablo’s Topic of the Month – March: SOLID Principles, I chose to write a little about the The Interface Segregation Principle (ISP). As Chad pointed out with LSP, the ISP is also … Continue reading 

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A Simple Delegate Example

I was recently working on a code generator and I made use of some simple delegates and I thought that I would share a few ideas. Some folks may be wondering what is a delegate.  You can think of a … Continue reading 

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Good Code Is Not Just About Writing Lines of Code

At work we’ve been having a few coding sessions where we have one computer and a hand full of developers and work on a couple of tasks from the current sprint. It’s sort of like a mini CodingDojo. These meetings … Continue reading 

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A Custom Converter for Json.NET

I was playing around with Json.NET while trying to move some data back and forth between .NET and Flex. I found that I needed to deserialize a string that looks something like: string json = @”{param1:{FirstName:’Jay’,Age:2},param2:{FirstName:’Ray’,Age:3}}”; where param1 and param2 … Continue reading 

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