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Ancient wisdom is inescapable, especially with project management

Introduction Today was my last day with my current former employer, as you may have heard from my (also now-former) coworker.  We quit on principle after having several irreconcilable differences of opinions with our management over how to manage and … Continue reading 

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Pablo’s Topic of the Month – April: Design Patterns

Pablo’s Topic of the Month – April: Design Patterns Over the next few days and weeks, the Los Techies crew will be writing a number of blog posts focused a particular subject in addition to their regular blogging.  Pablo’s Topic … Continue reading 

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Time-to-Login-Screen, and the absolute basic requirements for good software

I went and hung out with some fellow developers on Saturday (at the Grist Mill in New Braunfels, TX, incidentally — wonderful place!) and we talked about all sorts of things on the way down, there, and back up.  One … Continue reading 

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PTOM: The Liskov Substitution Principle

The Liskov Substitution Principle In my first (of hopefully more than one) post for The Los Techies Pablo’s Topic of the Month – March: SOLID Principles effort, I’m going to talk about The Liskov Substitution Principle, as made popular by … Continue reading 

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Ping-pong Pairing, it’s not just for breakfast anymore

Yesterday was my first day working at my new employer, Bayern Software, with (name drop alert!) Jeremy Miller.  We started right off with an easy story doing ping-pong pairing. I really dig this method of doing development (not to mention … Continue reading 

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The first 2 hours of TDD are the most painful

Quick Background I admit, I’ve had a lot of failures with TDD. Mostly they were solo projects and I didn’t have the discipline and self control enough to stick with it. I ALWAYS regretted not sticking with it. However poorly … Continue reading 

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101 Great Computer Programming Quotes

(Found via DotNetKicks — please kick it there, don’t kick this post) Link: Some of my faves: “There are only two industries that refer to their customers as ‘users’.”(Edward Tufte) “Programmers are in a race with the Universe to … Continue reading 

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BDD macro and Reshaper Template

My colleague, Joe Ocampo, created a ReSharper template: 1: [Test] 2: public void 3: “$Specification$”() To add the template, go to ReSharper->Options in the menu: Then choose “Live Templates” underneath the Templates heading from the items on the left of … Continue reading 

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Rhino Mocks 3.3 is out!!

Check out Oren’s (Ayende Rahien) post here. Download it here.  The most significant change that I like is the ability to setup expectations on void methods with Expect.Call.  Check out Oren’s other post about this here. 

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VB.Net oddity of the day – Array Declarations

I ran into a recent issue today relating to array declarations in VB.Net.  I looked up array declarations on the net and found something that gave me hope, but alas… “Arrays In VB6 declaring an array Dim Items(5) As String gives you … Continue reading 

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