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Hacking Websites with Ruby and Nokogiri

Every once and a while we get a chance to use software for the good of others. Last week I had just that opportunity. The story begins with a website called Cinematical. Cinematical is a website dedicated to movies of … Continue reading 

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Dear .NET Community, You Blew It!

Dear .NET Community, You Blew It! A couple of weeks ago a critical tool in the .NET ecosystem went from free to commercial. That tool is Reflector and the owner of said product is RedGate software. A lot of members … Continue reading 

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  Sorry for the repost… For some reason Community Server borked the original post for readers with IE. Sometimes you are lucky enough to work for a company with a good value system. Sometimes you are lucky enough to work … Continue reading 

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Commented Code == Technical Debt

Over the last month I have spent countless hours modifying code in our development framework. This framework is nearing the 4th grade now (9 years old) and has had many sections modified or rewritten extensively over the ensuing decade. A … Continue reading 

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JavaScript Can’t Do Math – SilverlightCalculator A New Silverlight OSS Project

It’s amazing what a lack of sleep can do for the OSS World. Over the last year I have encountered numerous places where I wanted to do simple financial equations in my JavaScript applications. You know really complex stuff like … Continue reading 

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This Week in Fail

Last week was a week full of fail. But not the type of fail you might think. Last week at VSLive Redmond, Microsoft demonstrated a new application framework called LightSwitch. From what I read and saw, LightSwitch is a tool … Continue reading 

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Using Fluent NHibernate With Legacy Databases

I am currently working on a project that has a requirement that it be able to access  data from a legacy SQL Server database. One feature of this system is the ability to add and store checking accounts. These checking … Continue reading 

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Film Making: A Better Software Development Metaphor

The craft of software development is in dire need of a new metaphor. In this authors opinion the common “Manufacturing” metaphor we bandy about is tired and has bigger holes in it than a  Round Rock Donut The issue that … Continue reading 

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Building a Rails Server

Fellow Los Techie John Petersen took the famous (or infamous) Nerd Dinner application created by Scott Hanselman and ported it to the Ruby on Rails platform. When John was developing this, I recommended we actually put it online and proceeded … Continue reading 

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