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The *nix Rube Goldberg Machine – find/grep/vim

Learn your shell! Piping grep into grep I was spelunking my .bash_history and came across this little piece of awesome. ~/lecode> find source/ -type f | grep -v ” ” | xargs grep this\.Asset.* | grep dovetail | grep -v … Continue reading 

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The *nix Rube Goldberg Machine

Learn your shell! Last time I posted a quick intro into basic shell programming. “Bash isn’t programming, its scripting…” “Shut up troll, its programming” This time I’d like to quickly explain loops. I’ll give you a quick example of how … Continue reading 

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The *nix Rube Goldberg Machine!

Learn your shell! Since I’ve started at Dovetail in June the best tool I’ve sharpened is my command line skills. My first week at Dovetail we got a surprise visit from @bob_pace and while pairing with him I was amazed … Continue reading 

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