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Huboard – socket.io backend

huboard.com! Your favorite open source kanban board built on top of the GitHub api has gotten a little bit more awesome. I’ve decided to release the socket.io backend that is keeping huboard.com all up to date and super fancy. Why … Continue reading 

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Huboard redesign (gif edition)

Huboard! I’ve been working on a big redesign of huboard since around September or so. I’m finally ready to reveal all of that hard work. So what better way to show off all the new features than animated gifs, right? … Continue reading 

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Huboard goes RealTime ™

Huboard! Websockets FTW I’ve recently added websocket support to the issues board in Huboard. Things I’ve added: Live update for cards moving from column to column Live update of issues closed from huboard.com Live update of issues closed from github.com … Continue reading 

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Huboard – New feature overview

Huboard! I’ve been working one a few new features in my side project huboard and they are pretty awesome. Since the start I’ve always prioritized features by what adds the most value to github issues. That means features github already … Continue reading 

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Huboard – Github issues made awesome

Meet Huboard ! Huboard is a kanban style drag and drop task board built entirely on top of the github api. How to get started Its easy. Go to any of your github repositories and add issues as you normally … Continue reading 

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