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IronPython how cool it is

Briefly, IronPython is an implementation of Python in the .Net runtime. This allows you access to  .Net framework goodness while programming in a dynamic language. The current stable version 2.0.1 maps to CPython 2.5.This allows me to do fun fun … Continue reading 

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Context/Spec style testing and my approach to BDD

I borrow heavily my approach to testing from a combination of Ayende’s Rhino Tools tests, and my reading of the Rspec beta book. But I think I’ve stumbled onto something I’m happy with and I can generate reports out of. … Continue reading 

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Glad to be here

Hi, my name is Ryan Svihla and I’m the newest member of Los Techies and I’d like to provide some background for most of you wondering “who is this guy”. I’ve recently moved to San Antonio, TX and absolutely love … Continue reading 

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