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Python Web Framework Series – Pylons: Part 4 Introduction For Database Support With SQL Alchemy.

We last left off with Views with Mako, now Pylons does not enforce on you an ORM at all, so you can use hand crafted SQL if you prefer. However, since I’ve done enough of that for a career or … Continue reading 

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Python Web Framework Series – Pylons: Part 3 Views with Mako

This is a huge post and I should have split this into several smaller ones so please bear with me while I get my series format tweaked.  We last left off with Controllers, Views and Testing with a basic test, … Continue reading 

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VAN: Doing 2 Part Series on Castle development July 1st and 8th at 8pm

I know this isn’t related to my Pylons series and worry not there is no interruption in that, but I’m giving a couple of talks on Virtual Alt.Net. The first one I’ve done before and you may have heard it … Continue reading 

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Python Web Framework Series – Pylons: Part 2 Controllers, Views and Testing

We last left off with Getting Started and having created our “pylonsforum” project and generated our first controller. Source for import logging  from pylons import request, response, session, tmpl_context as c  from pylons.controllers.util import abort, redirect_to  from pylonsforum.lib.base import BaseController, render  log = logging.getLogger(__name__)  class HomeController(BaseController):      def index(self):          # Return a rendered template          #return render(‘/home.mako’)          # or, return a response          return ‘Hello World Source for   from pylonsforum.tests import *  class TestHomeController(TestController):      def test_index(self):          response =‘home’, action=‘index’))  … Continue reading 

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Python Web Framework Series – Pylons: Part 1 Getting Started

This article assumes you have Python 2.6 and Setuptools already installed on your machine and that you’re install SQL Alchemy 0.54 and Pylons 0.97 Overview Pylons is a component based MVC web framework. It, like a lot of more recent … Continue reading 

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Python Web Framework Series

I’ve wanted to dive more in depth into Python’s web frameworks for some time and get to know them the way I know Castle Monorail.   What better way to learn something in depth than to have to know it well … Continue reading 

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Engineering or Customer Service which is more important?

I’ve been reading a lot about lean/toyota way lately, mixing that with my past experience as an IT Consultant and throwing that up against a bit of an Ivory tower I fell into with XP that left me unable to … Continue reading 

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Castle ActiveRecord and registering classes at runtime

I use the following trick for adding ActiveRecord classes after the fact for our in-house plug-in architecture.  Thanks to whichever blogger/mailing list I picked this up from so long ago. Scenario 1: Class(es) to load inherit from same base class … Continue reading 

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