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Discussion: Mentoring, Knowledge Transfer and Different Styles Of Learning

I’ve been very fortunate that for most of my adult life, even before I got into tech I’ve been “the boss”, and had gobs of mentoring opportunities. I enjoy it and more importantly I know I will have a greater … Continue reading 

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Lessons From My First Attempt At Bringing Agile Into A Non-Agile shop.

Since I’m moving on from my current employer I figure now is a great time to share my post-mortem of my time there, specifically what worked, what didn’t and what did I learn. Iterations Of Any Length We tried 3 … Continue reading 

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VAN: Castle Monorail, Active Record and Brail talk at Wednesday 8PM CST (-5 GMT), by yours truly.

Last week I did a talk on Windsor and it went..ok. I’m not used to online presentations and am more experienced in front of crowds that I can interact with. So between last week’s experience and some advice from Agile … Continue reading 

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Python Web Framework Series – Pylons Part 7: Refactoring, Deployment And Wrap-Up

Lets take a look at our existing site and what we can do to clean it up and add some badly needed functionality, however that is beyond the scope of my series. So I’m going to leave some hints for … Continue reading 

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Python Web Framework Series – Pylons: Part 6 Basic Authorization With AuthKit

Last post we left off with very basic database access, and testing story completed. Now we’re going to look at basic Authorization and Authentication with AuthKit. NOTE: most of this post is just an aggregation of a couple of chapters … Continue reading 

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Python Web Framework Series – Pylons: Part 5 Testing Models

UPDATE: was an error caught by Govind (who is turning out to be my unofficial proofreader). I’ve made a correction in the thread mapping for “dateadded” property in the previous article. If this you are caught up with and error … Continue reading 

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