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MonoRail screencasts

If you want a great into to MonoRail, check out Colin’s screencasts. I will possibly be re-writing my validation post.

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MonoRail #4: Validation

This post was decided upon after watching Hammet‘s screencast on using attribute-based validation in MonoRail. *NOTE: I do not agree with embedding validation into the domain model.  I would prefer a service handle this, but I’m utilizing the validation that … Continue reading 

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MonoRail HotSwap

Ayende (pronounced A-yend  (no eh at the end) – verified in this post after hearing Colin pronounce it) posted on an idea he has – MonoRail HotSwap and Colin Ramsay did a screencast of MonoRail HotSwap.  I know that the … Continue reading 

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Castle 1.0 Release Candidate 3 is out

Hammet posted that RC3 is out.  For those of you who were on RC2 and hesitant to use the trunk, this is great news. Hammet also posted what the changes were.

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Monorail #3 : Unit Testing and ViewComponents

UNIT TESTING After the past 2 1/2 posts I’ve migrated my unit tests to use the BaseControllerTest abstract class that originated from the Eleutian guys, but is now a part of the Castle MonoRail trunk download.Here is my ExampleControllerTests class: … Continue reading 

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Another Quick Tip: Asserting view renders in a MonoRail controller test

This is another one of those “blog it so I can remember it” posts. My last post about a similar tip was relating to asserting redirects in a MonoRail controller.  This one deals with asserting which view is being rendered in your … Continue reading 

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Monorail #0: Controllers

One of the first things I should have posted:  How It Works This image is good for all you visual learners out there:  (from the Castle Project documentation) This will help us when we go to the next post on … Continue reading 

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Monorail #2 : Layouts & Rescues

LAYOUTS UPDATED: Used the Code Snippet plug-in Layouts are like master pages or template pages in Adobe DreamWeaver.  They allow you to template your site.  I have a default.vm under my ../Views/layouts folder and the way to make a controller … Continue reading 


Quick Tip: Asserting response redirects in a MonoRail controller test

Reading this post by Sean reminded me of when I first started using the trunk’s BaseControllerTest.  One nifty little property on the base test controller’s mock Response object is RedirectedTo.  So you can do something like this: 1: // some … Continue reading 

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Change is in the air…

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path — Psalms 119:105 MonoRail, still my preference for .NET Well during my recent 2 month blogging hiatus I’ve gotten settled into my first project at the … Continue reading 

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