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Active vs. Activist

Update: There’s a now apparent disconnect between what I intended in this post, and what it came across as. The poor choice of labels and tasteless examples are getting in the way of what I was trying to say. My … Continue reading 


The Ultimate ‘Hello World’

So… my blog may be going dark for a while… I don’t think I’m going to have a lot of free time for at least a few weeks, due to the ultimate ‘Hello World’ baby girl that my wife delivered … Continue reading 

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An Alternate Way To Handle Task Dependencies In Custom Rake Tasks

Earlier today, I showed how to create a custom Rake task from the base TaskLib, so that we can use more than just simple “task :name” syntax for our rake tasks. In that example, I showed how to add explicit … Continue reading 

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How A .NET Developer Hacked Out A Rake Task

I spent the last two days having my brain melted by Scott Bellware, in a crash course on Ruby, Rake, RSpec, Selenium, web UI test automation best practices, and all-around uber-normal-person-language-oriented development. It was great! After the first 7 hour … Continue reading 


A Coworker’s Response To The Future Of The Boutique Software Shop

Sean Biefeld forwarded a link to Michael Feather’s Thoughts on the Future of the Boutique Software Shop earlier today and it sparked some interesting conversations at the office, via email. One response from a coworker (Robert O’Neil, who doesn’t have … Continue reading 

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