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Newbie Win32 Development Using Python

First a disclaimer. I’m not in anyway shape or form an experienced win32 systems programmer.  I’ve always done application development or systems administration scripting. That in-between area where you get out your C/C++ compiler and start dealing with pointers is … Continue reading 

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Adventures in Meta programming in Python: im_class, __import__, __getattribute__

With my recent work in Python win32 programming I’ve had a real need for AAA style mocking framework. Unable to find anything that I’ve been completely happy with I started my own simple mocking framework and got to learn some … Continue reading 


Take 2: Why we use SOLID in static languages and how we get the same functionality for cheap in dynamic languages

One of the things we do pretty well at Los Techies is explaining SOLID principles and why they make our code more maintainable and if you’re not familiar with our work on SOLID,  read Chad Meyer’s post to get an … Continue reading 

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I recant my IoC! IoC containers in dynamic languages are silly.

After a year or so of solid Alt Dot Net infection (as far as infections go its a pretty awesome one to have), I decided to give Python a try again for more than one off sysadmin tasks, and to … Continue reading 

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Python Web Framework Series – Pylons Part 7: Refactoring, Deployment And Wrap-Up

Lets take a look at our existing site and what we can do to clean it up and add some badly needed functionality, however that is beyond the scope of my series. So I’m going to leave some hints for … Continue reading 

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Python Web Framework Series – Pylons: Part 6 Basic Authorization With AuthKit

Last post we left off with very basic database access, and testing story completed. Now we’re going to look at basic Authorization and Authentication with AuthKit. NOTE: most of this post is just an aggregation of a couple of chapters … Continue reading 

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Python Web Framework Series – Pylons: Part 5 Testing Models

UPDATE: was an error caught by Govind (who is turning out to be my unofficial proofreader). I’ve made a correction in the thread mapping for “dateadded” property in the previous article. If this you are caught up with and error … Continue reading 

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Python Web Framework Series – Pylons: Part 4 Introduction For Database Support With SQL Alchemy.

We last left off with Views with Mako, now Pylons does not enforce on you an ORM at all, so you can use hand crafted SQL if you prefer. However, since I’ve done enough of that for a career or … Continue reading 

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Python Web Framework Series – Pylons: Part 3 Views with Mako

This is a huge post and I should have split this into several smaller ones so please bear with me while I get my series format tweaked.  We last left off with Controllers, Views and Testing with a basic test, … Continue reading 

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Python Web Framework Series – Pylons: Part 2 Controllers, Views and Testing

We last left off with Getting Started and having created our “pylonsforum” project and generated our first controller. Source for import logging  from pylons import request, response, session, tmpl_context as c  from pylons.controllers.util import abort, redirect_to  from pylonsforum.lib.base import BaseController, render  log = logging.getLogger(__name__)  class HomeController(BaseController):      def index(self):          # Return a rendered template          #return render(‘/home.mako’)          # or, return a response          return ‘Hello World Source for   from pylonsforum.tests import *  class TestHomeController(TestController):      def test_index(self):          response =‘home’, action=‘index’))  … Continue reading 

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