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Scale is a Dish Best Served Eventually Consistent

A lot of people new to Cassandra find the data modeling required tedious and outrageously hard. They’ll long for their RDMBS, if only insert favorite vendor or project lead here would make their RDBMS scale like Cassandra they could tell their bosses … Continue reading 

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Event Sourcing and System of Record: Sane Distributed Development In The Modern Era

No matter the message queue or broker you rely on whether it be RabbitMQ, JMS, ActiveMQ, Websphere, MSMQ and yes even Kafka you can lose messages in any of the following ways: A downstream system from the broker can have … Continue reading 

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Message around a brick: Rising to traffic spikes

LEGO.com impressed me with its ability to scale to handle a spike in traffic last Thursday. Seeing it through the lens of Jimmy Bogard’s presentation “Telephones and postcards: Our brave new world of messaging,” I paid attention to what LEGO … Continue reading 

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