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Build Numbers in Xcode

Working on a Mac / iOS projects, I have been trying to come up with an easy way to bump versions when it goes out the door for testing or production. Mostly I have been working it out manually, yet … Continue reading 

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An Agile Approach to Building a Mac Application

I have written quite a bit of articles on iOS and Mac applications using agile techniques (unit testing, continuous integration, etc) and in this post, I am going to put it all together. We will go through how to setup … Continue reading 

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Mac and iOS Custom UI Component Database

After yesterdays post on my Dev Toolbox on the Mac I realized I left out a couple of good things: Custom UI Component Database for iOS and Mac OS X Windows Azure Toolkit I have been playing around with the … Continue reading 

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Mac and iOS Development Toolbox

I have been building for the Mac and iOS for the last couple of years and the list of tools I have ben using has been growing (and shrinking). ┬áThere is a great development community around the Mac / iOS. … Continue reading 

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Unit Test Logging for Builds with Xcode 4 and Team City

One of the things I wanted to do after getting comfortable with the iOS/Mac platform(s) was trying to take my “agile” ways to the platforms (for this post specifically testing). I started learning all this in the Xcode 3 days. … Continue reading 

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Debugging Unit Tests for the iPhone/iPad

Update 8/17/2010 I changed the Environment Variable arguments to make it easier and remove the unnecessary quotes around the directories. I now just use the SDK_ROOT for both DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH and DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH variables. I have been working my way through a … Continue reading 

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There can be only One RoleEntryPoint

Last week we were finalizing the production of Windows Azure Architecture Guidance Part 1, when we came across a problem with the code. We had a few machines that were failing when trying to start the WebRole for the project. … Continue reading 

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MonoTouch Comparison with Apple Tools

I have been playing around with MonoTouch trying to figure out if I liked the new approach to building Cocoa Touch apps. I decided to take a couple of the samples built using MonoTouch and build them for the Cocoa … Continue reading 

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Orlando .NET User Group Talk – 12 Practices to be a Better Developer

Last week I gave a talk at the Orlando .NET User Group on Practical Software Craftsmanship – 12 Practices to be a Better Developer. Most of these 12 are just things I have learned over my years of development. I … Continue reading 

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Singletons Are Evil Part 2

A while back I wrote a post about why singletons are evil. I still agree with that statement, yet after my comment on twitter today, I think I need to show how you can solve this problem differently. The first … Continue reading 

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