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A transplant from Seattle to Florida trying to bring some community love to the sunshine state. And don't call me a hippie.

Unity Lifetime Managers for WCF

Drew and I were having fun getting NHibernate working with WCF and Unity. I had built upon my brethren’s Jimmy’s code from this article to making a session per request. I had let Drew borrow the code, but forgot to … Continue reading 

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This Code for Rent

Given the current economy and the housing market here in Florida, we have been talking a lot about renting versus owning a home. How does this have anything to do with code? Glad you asked. In the life of any … Continue reading 

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Don’t Cross the Streams

  “There’s something very important I forgot to tell you.  What?  Don’t cross the streams.  Why?  It would be bad.  I’m fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing. What do you mean, “bad”?  Try to imagine all life as you know … Continue reading 

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My First Journey into BDD

Lately I have been trying to teach people TDD and running into the usual suspects of misconceptions. I decided that maybe it was about time to update my tool belt and try teaching in a new way. I also wanted … Continue reading 

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Hangin’ with the Cool Kids

At the TDDFireStarter event this weekend in Tampa I met some really cool kids that I have talked with on Twitter, yet never really met in real life. These guys are really fun, smart and love community. They even asked … Continue reading 

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