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Kanban in Software Development. Part 2: Completing the Kanban Board with Queues, Order Points and Limits

In Part 1 of Kanban in Software Development, I introduced the concepts of kanban boards and pipelines. I also showed a very simple example of creating a pipeline for our development process. However, there were some obvious limitations in what … Continue reading 

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Kanban in Software Development. Part 1: Introducing Kanban Boards and Pipelines

In the world of Scrum, XP and other forms of Agile software development, many teams use visual control systems to outline the various steps that software goes through during development. These boards are known by various names -  Scrum boards, … Continue reading 

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Kanban – Pulling Value From The Supplier

Before I start talking about how our team is going about our implementations of Lean and Kanban, I wanted to start by outlining my current understanding of what kanban is. I’m hoping that this will set the ground work for … Continue reading 

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