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Branch-Per-Feature Source Control. Part 1: Why

Several years ago, I started using source control systems to store all of my code. It was a life saver. I was no longer worried about losing changes that I had made. Then a few years ago, I found Subversion. … Continue reading 

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Kanban Is Process Control, Not A Process For Adding Value To WIP

There’s some very interesting conversation on Chris McMahon’s blog titled “against kanban”. In general, I don’t agree with what he is saying. I think that he is largely basing his current opinion on some misguided “expert” opinions rather than doing … Continue reading 

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The Impact of Staffing Practices on Software Quality and Productivity

A Junior-Heavy Organization Companies tend to staff various teams with an experience level of employees that have a very junior heavy bias. That is, for every person with senior level experience in the organization, there tend to be multiple mid … Continue reading 

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Why “No Issues” Is Not An Acceptable Answer

Many of the software development teams at my company now practice the daily standup from Scrum project management. There’s a lot of great value in these meetings, even if a team is not practicing anything else from Scrum. The Anti-Pattern … Continue reading 

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The Emergence Of Knowledge In Software Development

At this point in my career, I’m convinced that software development is an empirical process. That is, we cannot predict the exact shape, size, complexity, … or any of a number of other properties … of the software that we … Continue reading 

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It’s All About The Benjamins, Baby.

Puff Daddy got it right. No, I don’t mean having money and wealth. Never mind the actual lyrical content or intentions of those lyrics in this song. The title alone tells us everything we need to know about justifying anything … Continue reading 

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Quality Must Be Built In – It Cannot Be Added On

Quality must be built in, it cannot be added on. … well, ok. I’ll admit that it’s not entirely true. If you don’t mind spending exorbitant amounts of money doing rework, causing projects to be late and over budget, and … Continue reading 

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“One Team, One Aim”. It’s All About The Journey, Not The Goal

I heard the phrase “one team, one aim” while listening to the audio book version of “Extreme Toyota”. This is a phrase that marks part of the core philosophies of Toyota, according to the book. There are many different philosophies … Continue reading 

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Favor Defect Prevention Over Quality Inspection And Correction

In the manufacturing world, you would never find a company that assembles a bunch of parts into a final product before inspecting any of the individual parts, and they would not wait until the end of the assembly line to … Continue reading 

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On The ‘Success’ Of A Project

I recently saw this question asked and answered in an after-project retrospective paper. Was The Project A Technical Success? While I am not trying to address who asked the question or what the answer was, the question on it’s on … Continue reading 

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