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Quit Living in the Past – Practices Evolve

In 1846 it wasn’t a required practice for medical professionals to wash their hands or equipment when treating a patient. In 1847, Ignaz Semmelweis experimented and discovered that incidences of maternal death from Puerperal fever at Vienna General Hospital were … Continue reading 

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Well-constructed != Over-architected

Let’s imagine for a moment that we’re building a dog house for our beloved family pet. We want it to protect Rover from the elements, be a comfortable place for him to escape the sun and relax, and in general, … Continue reading 

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Smart and gets things done *right*

I suppose it’s time for the obligatory weigh-in on the latest bit o’ reckless software advice from Joel Spolsky on the merits of the “Duct Tape Programmer”. I think being a duct tape programmer is a bit like being an … Continue reading 

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