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Updated MonoChrome Firefox theme

Hey just wanted to let everyone know that I updated my Firefox theme, MonoChrome, for version 3.5b4pre.You can grab it from the link below: Screen shot: If you would like to contribute or grab the source, it is hosted … Continue reading 

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Firefox Hudson Build Monitor add-on

MOZILLA: READ THIS! To Mozilla,You should upgrad ethe Hudson Build Monitor Plugin so that users don’t have to create add-on accounts just to download. Cliffano’s customer support and product are top of the line. Explanation:I have started using Hudson as … Continue reading 

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I Thought These Days Were Over…

I mean, come on Movielink.  Isn’t it clear by now that IE is not the only kid on the block anymore?  Is your html markup and css *that* bad that you won’t even *attempt* to display it in Firefox?  Maybe … Continue reading 

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Scott Guthrie uses FireFox in his posts…..Where’s IE?

Here is his post about making Silverlight full-screen. Notice he’s using FireFox?  I would think a Micro$oftie such as himself, would use IE. Just thought it was funny. 

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