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Git: Oops! I didn’t mean to commit on that remote tracking branch!

I’ve talked about 2 very similar situations in the past. This is just a small variation, but I still find it useful enough to make another small post. I’m using the same checkout and reset commands that I’ve shown before. … Continue reading 


Quirk with Invalid Git Config

I bumped into what seems like a weird quirk with one of my git config files today. A bad value was reported: error: Malformed value for branch.autosetuprebasefatal: bad config file line 18 in .git/config   In the image, you’ll notice … Continue reading 

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Web Development Stack In OSX

It has been almost a month since I ventured out into contracting and took up OSX on a Macbook Pro as my primary operating system. In that time, I’ve been very fortunate to have Joey Beninghove guide me through the … Continue reading 

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Code Review with Git Patches and Outlook via PowerShell

In the spirit of “simplest thing that works,” my team has a rather low-fidelity approach to code reviews: patch files and e-mail. Nothing fancy, but we find it works rather well. It’s even easier thanks to git format-patch, which lets … Continue reading 

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Better git-svn Through Aliases: git up & git dci

I’ve been using git-svn for almost a year now, and have settled on a low-friction workflow that has been working really well. First, a few notes about how I work with Git and Subversion… For the most part, we avoid … Continue reading 

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Replicating My OSX Terminal In Win7 with Git Bash (MinGW32) and Pik

After getting my OSX Terminal prompt all set up and loving it, I decided I wanted to have the same basic prompt in my Win7 virtual machine when I use a Git Bash (MinGW32) shell w/ MSysGit. Here’s what I … Continue reading 

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Extending GitHub Issues

The problem My team recently decided to experiment with using the Issues feature of our private Github repository. We’ve avoided a bug tracking tool for a long time, but this one seemed just lightweight enough that it was worth a … Continue reading 

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View files on GitHub from Visual Studio

My favorite way to view the history of a file in git is via the GitHub website. It gives me all the information I need, with convenient hyperlinks to to additional information. However, it was never easy to go from … Continue reading 

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Git-Achievements in PowerShell

Reading through Jason’s post on using Git-Achievements with msysGit, I couldn’t help but get it working with PowerShell. The result is a single PowerShell script added to my Git-Achievements repository, tagged here on the off chance I decided to upload … Continue reading 

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msysGit error setting certificate verify locations

I had never had any problems using msysGit with SSL until last night, when I came across the following error: $ git pull Password: error: error setting certificate verify locations: CAfile: /bin/curl-ca-bundle.crt CApath: none while accessing fatal: HTTP request … Continue reading 

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