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Developing at the Speed of Microsoft

As .net developers do you ever feel like Microsoft is hindering your development by the development tools they impose on us. I have been thinking about this lately and decide to discuss it, or this might actually be a rant, … Continue reading 

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Microsoft Forum – Creating a new community anti-pattern

I’ve recently had reason to ask questions on the Oslo and WCF forums and in both cases my posts got responses quickly (which is more than can be said for the WCF REST starter kit forum which is dead as … Continue reading 

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MSDN – can’t download with firefox

UPDATE: I’m on Linux.  Getting this to work on Windows is simple enough, just like James mentions in the comments. Thanks.  I’m writing this, because it’s about the 5th time I’ve had to use my Windows box or VM to … Continue reading 

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What I do

 In response to being tagged by Ben Scheirman: I’m a full-time software developer currently working for Wachovia (formerly World Savings) in San Antonio, TX.  I’m a lead developer on the team I’m on.  This doesn’t mean I’m a master developer, … Continue reading 

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.net 3.5 install, anyone using a modem?

“You can now disconnect form the Internet.” I don’t know if you’re using a modem, but I’m not.  Just thought this was funny.

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Does this mean we can patch the .Net Framework?

In an interesting move Microsoft opened portions of the .Net Framework source code to the development community.  You will be able to seamlessly debug into the lower innards of the framework provided you have Visual Studio 2008 installed. I wonder … Continue reading 

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Forget Subversion’s blame, we need the Microsoft’s WSYP program (joke)

Originally posted here, where I found it.

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Microsoft’s fancy footwork

A couple of days ago Phil made this posting stating that he is going to Seattle to join Microsoft. He mentioned that one of the projects he will be working on is the new ASP.Net MVC framework. I won’t be discussing … Continue reading 

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Brad Abrams hints (again) on Microsoft MVC framework for ASP.NET and Phil Haack will head it up

Brad Abrams, Group manager of the .NET Framework, posted today announcing the Microsoft hiring of Phil Haack, core SubText blogging engine developer.  Brad mentions that Phil will head the team to bring about a MVC architecture for ASP.NET.  I’ve followed … Continue reading 

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Gates and Jobs interview together – a good watch

A very good watch – Here 

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