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Organizing Namespaces with DDD

About a week ago I posted a message to the Yahoo DDD group to see how other people were organizing their namespaces in their Domain Model. For the most part everyone had the same basic idea. You can read the … Continue reading 

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Branching a trunk permanently

I am wondering how someone else would achieve what I am trying to do here. Basically I have a development trunk for Project A. It is updated with new code on a daily basis and has frequent branches and merges … Continue reading 

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Another reason to love MonoRail

W3C Validation is easy!! I won’t mention the site that I am fixing validation for because it is in a horrid state and I am quite embarassed =) The fact of the matter is, I fixed quite a few errors … Continue reading 

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Welcome Colin Ramsay!

Everyone at LosTechies would like to welcome Colin Ramsay to Los Techies! Colin has his own website where he has a number of screencasts about various topics. If you want to get learning The Castle Project quickly then check out … Continue reading 

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NAnt Build Prompter

This is a very basic script that a co-worker named Rabid made for me. I don’t know this syntax but he does for all the group policy stuff we have at work. Basically the way I had it setup to … Continue reading 

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500gb MyBook external HDD and Virtual Machine

I am wondering if anyone else has had experience with attempting to recognize a 500gb Western Digital MyBook HDD in either VirtualBox or VMWare. I have been trying to get my ubuntu guest OS to see the drive for 2 … Continue reading 

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Microsoft’s fancy footwork

A couple of days ago Phil made this posting stating that he is going to Seattle to join Microsoft. He mentioned that one of the projects he will be working on is the new ASP.Net MVC framework. I won’t be discussing … Continue reading 

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Blogging at LosTechies

Jason Meridth contacted me a couple of days ago inviting me to cross-post my blog posts on LosTechies. I was very flattered to learn that anyone even read my blog posts let alone invite me to blog on their community … Continue reading 

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