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Boston is in the series!!!

The red sox have just won game 7 of the american league pennant. The final was 11-2. Sorry to post non development related stuff but Boston is my team!!!!!! The world series begins on wednesday I believe. It’s gonna be … Continue reading 

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Yet another Microsoft MVC/MonoRail blog post

I am not going to quote any other blogs posts that I have read in the past two weeks about these topics, If you do a System.Web.MVC search or were at ALT.Net then I’m sure you’ve already read enough about … Continue reading 

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Avoiding Development Disasters @ WTF

At the moment we are between feedings for Aidan and all is quiet at the moment. I am trying to catch up on my rss feeds and came across a really good post on Worse Than Failure title “Avoiding Development … Continue reading 

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The world welcomes Aidan!

Yesterday October 10th 2007, Aidan Chambers was born into the world!!! Time : 3:14 pm Weight: 8lbs. 12oz.Length: 21 3/4 in. Full head of black hair! A big baby all around. Mother and baby are doing fine. Dad is a little … Continue reading 

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Staying on top of Test Coverage

It’s always a good idea to make sure you stay on top of test coverage. As the image to the left clearly displays, it will quickly get out of hand and before you know it your coverage is in the toilet … Continue reading 

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Wednesday is the Day

The time has finally come. After 9 long months of waiting and a miserable fiancee, our son Aidan will be delivered this week on Wednesday (hopefully) We are heading down to the hospital on Tuesday evening so that our Doctor can induce … Continue reading 

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DesignByContract with Fluent Interfaces

I was reading through some blog posts and through a recent post, stumbled across this one from Bill McCafferty and took a look at the DesignByContract CodeProject article. This is just a simple utility class to pass in assertions and get an exception to … Continue reading 

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Testing MonoRail Filters

I was trying to test an Authentication Filter today that needed to redirect the user to a login page. The problem was that it used context.Controller.Url, context was a MockRailsEngineContext and the Url property throws a NotImplementedException. Ayende quickly jumped … Continue reading 

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