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Dealing with RSI properly

Over the last two weeks I have been having bad symptoms of RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Specifically in the right hand more so than the left. This is almost surely from the mouse. I am going to share what … Continue reading 

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What I do

Here is my response to Jason Meridth tagging me. I’m a Senior Programmer/Analyst for Flagler County School District in Flagler County Florida. Flagler county is situated in North East Florida, about 30 miles north of the famous Daytona Beach. Even … Continue reading 

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Choosing a JavaScript Framework

Before I dive into details of details I found in each framework I think it would be best to highlight features of each framework. In case you’ve been living under a rock, a javascript framework makes it easier for you … Continue reading 

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What really are the ALT.NET Shared Values?

Phil Haack just wrote a post about Composition over Inheritance and how adopting practices just because they are talked about is silly. I agree 100% with him on this note. Making a design decision without context is like removing your engine from … Continue reading 

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Phil Haack posts about ASP.NET MVC

Phil Haack has a tutorial type post of usage of the new MS MVC with TDD, DI and the Repository Pattern. In the tutorial he sets up a new project, creates a repository and gets a sample app up and … Continue reading 

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Configuring MacBook Pro for multi-platform development

I received a MacBook Pro yesterday from my boss. He purchased a new one and I got his old one. I was ecstatic. The memory and small screen/keyboard was really holding me back on my MacBook. With the larger display … Continue reading 

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Setting up a Ruby on Rails Production Server while keeping your sanity

So last week a co-worker came to me and said he needed a “quick and dirty” application for keeping track of assets internally. I told him that I didn’t have enough time to do a full scale .Net web app … Continue reading 

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Hiring a Developer Part 1

In the next couple of weeks we will be posting positions for two new developers to work with myself. As a service to the community I am going to post the process I am going through on my blog so … Continue reading 

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