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The amazing Storm botnet

I originally heard about the storm worm/botnet about 6 months ago but wrote it off as another b.s. botnet used by spammers for mediocre spreading of email. Recently I saw some newer articles and started looking into it again. This … Continue reading 

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PTOM: The Single Responsibility Principle

After Chad and Ray I followed suit as well and am doing Pablo’s Topic of the month post on the Single Responsibility Principle or SRP for short. In SRP a reason to change is defined as a responsibility, therefore SRP … Continue reading 

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Orlando Code Camp Presentation

I will be doing a presentation at the Orlando Code Camp on next Saturday on March 22nd on Continuous Integration with TeamCity. I will be mainly cover the topic of Continuous Integration and how teams can benefit from it, then … Continue reading 

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Separating Subversion Repositories using svndumpfilter

About a year ago I setup a Ubuntu machine on an old P2 400 at home to use as a subversion repository. At the time I created one repository to house all of my projects. Over time I was adding … Continue reading 

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