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I am a Senior software developer from Palm Coast, Florida. An advocate of Domain Driven Design, Behavior Driven Development, creator of FluentMigrator and community activist. I am married to my beautiful wife Erin and am the proud father of two wonderful children. I currently reside at ACI, a local insurance industry/mortgage software company that excels in creating solutions using Agile methodologies.

Refactoring Day 18 : Replace exception with conditional

Today’s refactoring doesn’t come from any place specifically, just something I’ve picked up over time that I find myself using often. Any variations/comments would be appreciated to this approach. I think there’s some other good refactorings around these type of … Continue reading 

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Refactoring Day 17 : Extract Superclass

Today’s refactoring is from Martin Fowler’s refactoring catalog. You can find the original description here This refactoring is used quite often when you have a number of methods that you want to “pull up” into a base class to allow … Continue reading 

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Refactoring Day 16 : Encapsulate Conditional

Sometimes when doing a number of different checks within a conditional the intent of what you are testing for gets lost in the conditional. In these instances I like to extract the conditional into an easy to read property, or … Continue reading 

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Refactoring Day 15 : Remove Duplication

A day late on this one. Sorry about that! This is probably one of the most used refactoring in the forms of methods that are used in more than one place. Duplication will quickly sneak up on you if you’re … Continue reading 

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Refactoring Day 14 : Break Responsibilities

When breaking apart responsibilities on a class this is enforcing Single Responsiblity Principle from SOLID. It’s an easy approach to apply this refactoring although it’s often disputed as what consitutes a “responsibility”. While I won’t be answering that here, I … Continue reading 

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Refactoring Day 13 : Extract Method Object

Today’s refactoring comes from Martin Fowlers list of refactorings. You can find his original article here with a brief description. This is a more infrequent refactoring that I see myself using but it comes in handy at times. When trying … Continue reading 

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Refactoring Day 12 : Break Dependencies

Today’s refactoring is useful if you are trying to introduce unit tests into your code base as testing “seams” are needed to properly mock/isolate areas you don’t wish to test. In this example we have client code that is using … Continue reading 

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Refactoring Day 11 : Switch to Strategy

Todays refactoring doesn’t come from any one source, rather I’ve used different versions over the years and I’m sure other have different variations of the same aim. This refactoring is used when you have a larger switch statement that continually … Continue reading 

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Refactoring Day 10 : Extract Method

Today we look at the Extract Method refactoring. This is an extremely easy refactoring with several benefits. First, it helps to make code more readable by placing logic behind descriptive method names. This reduces the amount of investigation the next … Continue reading 

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Refactoring Day 9 : Extract Interface

Today we look at an often overlooked refactoring. Extract Interface. When you notice more than one class using a similar subset of methods on a class, it is useful to break the dependency and introduce an interface that the consumers … Continue reading 

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