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Why Argue About Words?

From the opening session of Alt.Net 2007… Nearly as loud as the argument about changing the Alt.Net name is the camp saying “who cares what it’s named?” I don’t have a problem with the Alt.Net name, and I’m past bored … Continue reading 

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Why Scrum?

Why not scrum? Until about January, our shop had been significantly process-encumbered. Where we could, those of us who cared implemented small strategies for improvement—preaching code readability, meticulous source control, building as if your code will still be in use … Continue reading 

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Blowing Off the Blog Dust

Funny thing about using Scrum at work: there was suddenly a lot more work at work. Fun and consuming work. So I stepped out of the blogosphere and began to live in my IDE. Three changes bring me back: I’ve … Continue reading 

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