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Legacy Operating Systems and Legacy Languages: If it ain’t broke, it still needs fixing

In my travels I’ve encountered systems chugging happily along on outdated, discontinued, unsupported technology stacks. Apps written in VB6, FoxPro, Classic ASP, still running without a hitch because the kinks had been shaken out years ago… Software users delicately avoiding … Continue reading 

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When to use a Mock and When Not To

When I sit down to write a unit test, my first step is to describe for myself, in English instead of code, what I intend to test. The words I choose give clues as to the structure of the test … Continue reading 

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An Object Lesson in Binary Compatibility

A riddle for you, friends: When is changing a method from return void to return Something a breaking change? If you already know the answer, then why hadn’t you told me? Could’ve saved me a fair bit of embarrassment. Ah … Continue reading 

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