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Agile: 10 years later

One of the interesting pieces of Mike Cohn’s post on the 10 year anniversary of the Agile manifesto was a comparison of the arguments in the previous decade around OOP: The next change I’d like to see (and predict will … Continue reading 

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An Observation Of Pair Programming vs. Not

I’ve spent the better part of the last month doing remote pair programming with Joey Beninghove, on our current contract. It’s been great – the constant discussion, the driving out of features, one small step at a time, the realizations … Continue reading 

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Natural selection in IT

Or, survival of the fittest.  When I worked for a large IT organization a few years back, there was an effort to purge the company of what were referred to as “Client Supported Systems”.  In other words, systems the business … Continue reading 

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Setting up automatic test runs after compilation in VS2010

I lifted some scripts from the interwebs so that after every compilation in visual studio unit tests are automatically run.  I have been a long supporter of the TestDriven.Net addin and Resharper but I found auto running unit tests to … Continue reading 

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Work In Process (WIP) Limits, Policies, Etc.

I had a great discussion a few of my team members this morning. We were discussion work in process (WIP) limits, policies, and other items that are related to both of those. By the end of the discussion we had … Continue reading 

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Are daily stand-ups necessary?

On a recent long project, our team’s commitment to continuous improvement led to some interesting results.  Originally, we started with quite a bit of the Scrum ceremony, such as sprint planning meetings, time-boxed iterations, and daily stand-ups.  However, since we … Continue reading 


Why I Write Automated Tests For My Code

I started my journey of unit testing my code about 4 years ago… I had played with nunit prior to that, but I never understood the point and would delete my tests after I got them to pass… that was … Continue reading 

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Red/Green/Refactor, For The Right Reasons

First, let me say this: WHAAaa???? something useful occurred on Google Buzz?! :) Ok, now that I’ve got that over with… there was a useful stream of comments over on the extended twitter reply network from one of my tweets … Continue reading 


I Want Assert.NotYetImplemented(); In .NET Test Frameworks

One of my coworkers recently tweeted this: I do that a lot with c# and nunit. It helps me to figure out where I need to go, what tests are going to be organized where, etc. I certainly don’t expect … Continue reading 

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Failure Is Not An Option, It Is A Requirement.

Of course that statement on it’s own can obviously be shown to be fallacy. When you consider the context of continuous improvement, learning or generally advancing our own capabilities and understanding, though, this statement can be quit liberating. Why? Because … Continue reading 

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