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C# 6 Feature Review: Expression-Bodied Function Members

In the last post, I looked at auto-property enhancements, with several comments pointing out some nicer usages. I recently went through the HtmlTags codebase, C# 6-ifying “all the things”, and auto property and expression bodied function members were used pretty … Continue reading 


C# 6 Feature Review: Auto-Property Enhancements

With the release of Visual Studio 2015 came the (final) release of the Roslyn C# compiler and C# 6. This latest version of C#’s feature list seems to be…less than exciting, but it’s important to keep in mind that before … Continue reading 


Who Wants Cake?!

I’ve been learning and trying out new build systems in .NET recently and decided to give Cake a sample. (See what I did there?) First Impressions Right away I liked how the scripts look and feel. This is quite important … Continue reading 


C# 6 Exception Filters Will Improve Your Home Life

If you’re like me and you enjoy nice, peaceful weekends, but keep getting hassled when something bad happens in production to shatter the blissful silence you’re enjoying, a great new feature of C# 6 will help you out: Swallow exceptions … Continue reading 


Cassandra C# Driver: Surprising gotcha with SimpleStatement

When helping someone with a Batch using the C# driver and I had a bit of a surprise. I wanted to reuse the CQL and I couldn’t at that point use a Prepare because of a bug, since SimpleStatement has … Continue reading 

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Introducing Formo – Dynamic Configuration

In the off-chance that I have to maintain your code in the future, I feel I should gamble and share this project with you. I created it, I use it, and I like it. Something bothers me about seeing strings … Continue reading 

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A Timely Post – Introducing Palmer and TempusReader

I may have found the Peanut Butter to my Jelly. Maybe not, but I accidentally stumbled upon a project called Palmer. This library lets one define an amount of time to do some sort of activity. Maybe a call that … Continue reading 

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Twitter.Bootstrap.MVC4– new release 1.0.71

To learn more about the Package read these blog posts: Introduction Release 1.0.71 Bootstrap MVC – Menu System Some interesting stats for the project. It has gotten a bunch of attention on the interwebs. The package has over 2,500 downloads, … Continue reading 

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IDisposable, Done Right

IDisposable is a standard interface in the .NET framework that facilitates the deterministic release of unmanaged resources. Since the Common Language Runtime (CLR) uses Garbage Collection (GC) to manage the lifecycle of objects created on the heap, it is not … Continue reading 

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Code review of a Publish/Subscribe Architecture using SignalR in Home Automation – Part 4

Part 1 – Synchronizing webpages across devices with SignalR Part 2 – Architecture for a SignalR Synchronized Webpage Application Part 3 – Publish Subscribe using SignalR Part 4 – Front End Code Review Previously, I covered an example of synchronizing … Continue reading 

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