Reliable database tests with Respawn

Creating reliable tests that exercise the database can be a tricky beast to tame. There are many different sub-par strategies for doing so, and most of the documented methods talk about resetting the database at teardown, either using rolled back … Continue reading 

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The dangerous SourceTree setting

The messy one, at any rate. Looking at a team’s git repository, I see the following evidence of somebody having a bad day: Those are three commits, in rapid succession, from the same developer, trying to mash files into a … Continue reading 

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Clean Tests: Isolating Internal State

Other posts in this series: A Primer Building Test Types Isolating Internal State One of the more difficult problems with slow tests that touch shared resources is building a clean starting point. In order for tests to be reliable, the … Continue reading 

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Cross-Platform AutoMapper (again)

Building cross-platform support for AutoMapper has taken some…interesting twists and turns. First, I supported AutoMapper in Silverlight 3.0 five (!) years ago. I did this with compiler directives. Next, I got tired of compiler directives, tired of Silverlight, and went … Continue reading 

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Clean Tests: Building Test Types

Posts in this series: A Primer Building Test Types Isolating Internal State In the primer, I described two types of tests I generally run into in my systems: Arrange/act/assert fully encapsulated in a single method Arrange/act in one place, assertions … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper support for ASP.NET 5.0 and ASP.NET Core 5.0

In the vein of “supporting all the frameworks”, I’ve extended AutoMapper to support ASP.NET 5.0 and CoreCLR (aspnetcore50). For those that are counting, I’m up to 11-12 different platforms supported, depending on how you tally: aspnet50 aspnetcore50 MonoAndroid MonoTouch net40 … Continue reading 

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Starting a new adventure

Looking back I’ve been working as an architect and chief architect for TOPAZ Technologies LLC more than 6 years. It has been an exciting time and I have learned a lot. In 2009 I inherited an enterprise application that, let’s … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper support for Xamarin Unified (64 bit)

I pushed out a prerelease package of AutoMapper for Xamarin Unified, including 64-bit support for iOS. If you’ve had issues with Xamarin on 64-bit iOS, removing an adding the AutoMapper NuGet package reference should do the trick. And yes, … Continue reading 

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Clean Tests: A Primer

Posts in this series: A Primer Building Test Types Isolating Internal State Over the course of my career, I’ve an opportunity to work with a number of long lived codebases. Ones that I’ve been a part of since commit one … Continue reading 

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How to *easily* apt-get update “offline”

Building a Virtual Appliance is hard. A virtual appliance is a pre-configured virtual machine image, ready to run on a hypervisor; virtual appliances are a subset of the broader class of software appliances. Installation of a software appliance on a … Continue reading 

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