Conventional HTML in ASP.NET MVC: Adopting Fubu conventions

Other posts in this series: A primer Building tags Adopting Fubu conventions Baseline behavior Replacing form helpers Data-bound elements Validators Building larger primitives Client-side templates Now that we’ve established a base for programmatically building out HTML, we can start layering … Continue reading 

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Recruiting and Being Recruited

We all know that the software industry is in dire need of more developers. This means that there is also a huge market in finding and hiring those people for companies. Whether it’s an internal team, or an agency, here … Continue reading 

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Survey of two large MVC projects

A large-ish MVC project in which I led the architecture is hitting a milestone of 12 months in development (though released to production for some months now). It’s a similar project to the one where AutoMapper came from, but this … Continue reading 

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Missing EF Feature Workarounds: Filters

Filters are one of those ORM features that when you need it, you REALLY need it. NHibernate has had this feature for quite a long time, but it still doesn’t exist in EF. What are filters? In NHibernate, a filter … Continue reading 

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AutoFixture — a Node.js Test Fixture Library

Working on a recent project that was on the MEAN stack, I needed to create test data quickly. I reviewed and tested out some of the existing libraries that are out there, but none of them fit my specific style. … Continue reading 

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A better domain events pattern

Domain events are one of the final patterns needed to create a fully encapsulated domain model – one that fully enforces a consistency boundary and invariants. The need for domain events comes from a desire to inject services into domain … Continue reading 

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AngularJS–Part 16, Forms

A list of all previous posts in this series about Angular can be found here. Introduction Most applications offer some way of adding or changing data to the user. In this post I want to discuss data entry in an … Continue reading 

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Missing EF Feature Workarounds: Encapsulated collections

The list of missing EF features is quite long, but several of the items in the list do have workarounds. For encapsulated domain models that enforce their own consistency boundary, encapsulating a collection is quite important to ensure your domain … Continue reading 

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Missing EF Feature Workarounds: Cascade delete orphans

Currently, Entity Framework cannot cascade delete orphans. In fact, there’s not a real concept of parent-child relationships, there’s only navigation properties, collection properties, and a notion of required/optional relationships. You can cascade delete if a parent is deleted, but if … Continue reading 

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Projecting computed properties with LINQ and AutoMapper

Another from the “wicked awesome” category of AutoMapper. Other blogs about AutoMapper and LINQ: Efficient querying with LINQ, AutoMapper and Future queries Using AutoMapper to prevent SELECT N+1 problems Using AutoMapper to perform LINQ aggregations One current limitation of ORM … Continue reading 

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