Container Usage Guidelines

Over the years, I’ve used and abused IoC containers. While the different tools have come and gone, I’ve settled on a set of guidelines on using containers effectively. As a big fan of the Framework Design Guidelines book and its … Continue reading 

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Tackling cross-cutting concerns with a mediator pipeline

Originally posted on the Skills Matter website In most of the projects I’ve worked on in the last several years, I’ve put in place a mediator to manage the delivery of messages to handlers. I’ve covered the motivation behind such … Continue reading 

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Apache Cassandra: Some useful JMX metrics to monitor

This is not a complete list, but is this what I’ve typically had to look out for in the wild. There maybe some selection bias at play since once I’m involved with a cluster it’s not in a good place. … Continue reading 

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Cassandra C# Driver: Surprising gotcha with SimpleStatement

When helping someone with a Batch using the C# driver and I had a bit of a surprise. I wanted to reuse the CQL and I couldn’t at that point use a Prepare because of a bug, since SimpleStatement has … Continue reading 

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How transistors work: Illustrated

After fruitless searches in electronics books, electrical engineering textbooks, even physics, trying to find a way to understand transistors (not just where to put one in a circuit), I stumbled upon the answer when I wasn’t looking for it. Chemistry. … Continue reading 

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Cassandra: Batch loading without the Batch keyword

Batches in Cassandra are often mistaken as a performance optimization. They can be but only in rare cases. First we need to discuss the different types of batches: Unlogged Batch A good example of an unlogged batch follows and assumes … Continue reading 

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Announcing Austin Code Camp 2014

It’s that time of year again to hold our annual Austin Code Camp, hosted by the Austin .NET User Group: Austin 2014 Code Camp We’re at a new location this year at New Horizons Computer Learning Center Austin, as our … Continue reading 

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Reviewing Git feature branches when you don’t have pull requests

I’m not always using Git in an environment that supports pull requests. My preferred Git workflow, even within a team of co-workers who sit together, is to have features developed and tested within a feature branch, then reviewed and merged … Continue reading 

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Conventional HTML in ASP.NET MVC: Client-side templates

Other posts in this series: A primer Building tags Adopting Fubu conventions Baseline behavior Replacing form helpers Data-bound elements Validators Building larger primitives Client-side templates In our last post, we brought everything together to build composable blocks of tags driven … Continue reading 

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Kids, electronics, play dough, summer camp!

We had too much fun and a half at the Circuits in Play Dough session at That Conference. Here are resources from the workshop.

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