Missing EF Feature Workarounds: Encapsulated collections

The list of missing EF features is quite long, but several of the items in the list do have workarounds. For encapsulated domain models that enforce their own consistency boundary, encapsulating a collection is quite important to ensure your domain … Continue reading 

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Missing EF Feature Workarounds: Cascade delete orphans

Currently, Entity Framework cannot cascade delete orphans. In fact, there’s not a real concept of parent-child relationships, there’s only navigation properties, collection properties, and a notion of required/optional relationships. You can cascade delete if a parent is deleted, but if … Continue reading 

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Projecting computed properties with LINQ and AutoMapper

Another from the “wicked awesome” category of AutoMapper. Other blogs about AutoMapper and LINQ: Efficient querying with LINQ, AutoMapper and Future queries Using AutoMapper to prevent SELECT N+1 problems Using AutoMapper to perform LINQ aggregations One current limitation of ORM … Continue reading 

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Missing NHibernate features in Entity Framework

Recently I blogged about migrating to EF from NHibernate and how easy it is to create fully encapsulated models mapped to EF. In this particular project, migrating was relatively painless, as it was a fairly new schema and quite amenable … Continue reading 

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Austin F# Meetup

There’s a brand new meetup in the ATX. The Austin F# Meetup is having their first meeting on Tuesday, May 6th. Check it out!

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Domain modeling with Entity Framework scorecard

A long, long time ago I had a series on strengthening your domain, highlighting how simple refactoring tools and code smells can help guide your models to push behavior down into your core domain model/business objects/whatever. All the techniques highlighted … Continue reading 

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Migrating from NHibernate to Entity Framework

I’ve been a supporter and user of NHibernate for nearly 10 years. While not part of the original NHibernate Mafia, I’ve long enjoyed NHibernate’s ability to rich, behavioral domain models. I wasn’t happy with the initial designs of Entity Framework, … Continue reading 

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AngularJS–Part 15, End to end tests and mocking

In my previous post I introduced end-to-end testing (E2E testing) of Angular applications using Protractor. In this post I will show how we solve the problem when we need to write an E2E test that involves connecting to and getting … Continue reading 

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Buffer Cache Makes Slow Disks Seem Fast, Till You Need Them.

Linux has this wonderful thing called the buffer cache (for more detail read here ). In summary, it uses all your free ram as a cache for file access. Because of buffer cache you can easily get under 1 millisecond … Continue reading 

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Angular JS–Part 14, End to end tests

Introduction The list of earlier posts in this series about Angular JS can be found here. Automated end to end tests are an important part of the continuous integration and continuous delivery cycle. Without automated end to end tests delivering … Continue reading 

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