QCon San Francisco, Opening Day

The main conference for QCon started Wednesday, opening with a keynote by Martin Fowler and Rebecca Parsons from Thoughtworks. The topic was Architects and Agilists – Allies not Adversaries. As you can surmise from the title, this talk focused on … Continue reading 

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QCon in San Francisco Getting Started

This week I’m attending QCon, the international software developers conference, and since the day I arrived it has been great. The depth of knowledge is truly amazing and I’m enjoying some excellent conversations. The attendee mix is (based on my … Continue reading 

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Running the PDC Visual Studio 2010 Drop on VMware Fusion

At the Microsoft PDC in Los Angeles this year, attendees received a CTP of Visual Studio 2010 on an external HD along with all the conference materials. VSX came installed on Windows Server 2008 (along with TFS) giving attendees a … Continue reading 

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Reflections on KaizenConf

Last weekend, Dru Sellers and I (along with 100 or so others) attended the Continuous Improvement in Software Development (referred to as KaizenConf, likely due to the URL) conference in Austin, TX. We left Tulsa late Friday night after taking … Continue reading 

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New MassTransit Screencast and Sample

One of the more common scenarios I hear about when talking about building a service-oriented architecture has to do with providing a web service to external customers. This is often in the context of providing information from an internal system. … Continue reading 

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Heartland Developers Conference 2008

This past week I had the pleasure of attending the Heartland Developers Conference in Omaha, Nebraska. I was already in town visiting family and decided to take a day to see what the local flavor had to offer. I’m particularly … Continue reading 

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Deeper Look at MassTransit Screencast

If you haven’t watched the video from the presentation Dru and I did on Thursday at Tulsa TechFest, I recommend you watch it if you are interested in MassTransit and seeing how it works. Once you have watched it, check … Continue reading 

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Tulsa TechFest Wrap Up

This past Thursday and Friday, the Tulsa TechFest was held at OSU Tulsa in Tulsa (could I write Tulsa one more time, I knew I could). Attendance was high and most of the sessions I attended were in rooms full … Continue reading 

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MassTransit 0.4 Released

I’m happy to say that we’ve just tied a bow around the latest release of MassTransit. Release 0.4 includes a number of new features and some tweaks to the internals as well. I’m going to describe a few of those … Continue reading 

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Prelude to Tulsa TechFest 2008

In two weeks, the 2008 installment of Tulsa TechFest will be upon us. For two days, Tulsa is going to unleash an impressive array of sessions on all aspects of IT, security, and software development. As I review the broad … Continue reading 

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