Pardon our dust… working on restoring comments

LosTechies has been migrated to WordPress, and we’re still in the process of cleaning up a few things. For example, I’m working on getting Disqus comments enabled. At the moment, though, the comments are not yet working and existing comments are not yet showing up. I’m sure we’ll have this fixed soon, though.

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About Derick Bailey

Derick Bailey is an entrepreneur, problem solver (and creator? :P ), software developer, screecaster, writer, blogger, speaker and technology leader in central Texas (north of Austin). He runs - the amazingly awesome podcast audio hosting service that everyone should be using, and where he throws down the JavaScript gauntlets to get you up to speed. He has been a professional software developer since the late 90's, and has been writing code since the late 80's. Find me on twitter: @derickbailey, @mutedsolutions, @backbonejsclass Find me on the web: SignalLeaf, WatchMeCode, Kendo UI blog, MarionetteJS, My Github profile, On Google+.
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  • Derick Bailey

    looks like DNS resolution is fixing itself around the world, and disqus comments are now showing up! w00t!

  • Sree

    Are the download links still working?

    The download link in the blog post below does not seem to work.

    • Derick Bailey

      d’oh! thanks for pointing that out. you can get to the e-books directly from the link at the top of the site, or this url:

      i’ll see if we can get the old url’s to redirect correctly for the downloads

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