ALT.NET: Drinking from the Firehose

Speaking of the firehose:


Started: Oct 7th

Current Member Count: 438

Total Message Count: 1842

New Members In Past 7 Days: 115

New Message In Past 7 Days: 971

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One Response to ALT.NET: Drinking from the Firehose

  1. Drinking from the fire house is right.

    I am a member of that group and I can’t even begin to keep up with the amount of conversation going on there. I read bits and pieces that I find interesting. Especially the conversations about validation and some other DDD stuff.

    It’s amazing the volume thats coming through that list.

    If anyone is bored during the day, I am always in the Alt.Net IRC channel on Channel

    theres a couple of us in there but not many. I just idle in there.