My name’s James Gregory and I’m new here

Hello everybody,

My name is James Gregory and I’m the latest convert to Pabloism! 

I hail from the land of Kings and Queens, where dragons be and wenches are a-plenty. England that is, to the east in Yorkshire to be more precise. I’ve been a developer/programmer/monkey of the code commercially for about 6 years, but I’ve been doing it out-of-hours for much longer. I recently quit my job to focus on personal development and open-source contributions… look where that got me!

I made a vow several years ago that if I ever found that I’d stopped learning, I would quit the programming gig and never come back. I hope you guys will help me stick with this, if you ever find that I’m stagnating, please remind me of this vow.

I’m a pragmatist. I’ll use any language, any tool, any platform, whatever is needed to get the job done right. I’m not scared to learn, in-fact one of my most proud abilities is being able to learn. I most frequently program in C# (although all my commerical jobs have always been as VB.Net developers!), I loves me some Ruby, and I abhor any developer who is afraid of the command-line.

For those who weren’t subscribed to my blog (that’s probably most of you) and reiterating what Jason said, I’m the project lead of Fluent NHibernate, which is a strongly typed alternative to NHibernate’s XML mappings (and much more). I’m also the lead for Docu, a simpler documentation generator for .Net projects. These will certainly make up a large part of my bloggings, but hopefully not the entirety.

I’m incredibly pleased to be a part of Los Techies, and I hope I don’t bring down the tone too much.

You can find me on Twitter as jagregory, skype as, gtalk and email at: james at jagregory dot com. Feel free to get in touch if you think there’s anything I can do for you.

That’s enough about me!

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  • derick.bailey

    Welcome aboard!

  • Chris Patterson

    Glad to have you around. I can’t wait to dig into FNH myself, but time, oh so precious you are.

    Docu looks interesting, I can’t wait to see where it goes. Sandcastle is just too overbearing to bother with now.

  • Ryan Svihla

    I’d never read that post you’ve linked about learning. I’m very impressed and I definitely completely identify with you there.

    The world is full of naysayers who believe life is about how good of a hand you’re delt from birth, it’s good to see someone else out there working so hard to prove them wrong.

  • Tobin Harris

    Congratulations James, another great guy posting to this great blog :)